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Shred of Evidence

ISBN 13 9781517075750 (USA)

            10 15170757050    (EAN)

ISBN  978-0-9949051    (BNC)


When her husband Ben jumped to his death in 1964, Rachel Gordon struggled to discover why. Why would a healthy man with a loving family and successful career decide to end his life? His second child was about to be born, and he appeared to love his life. Why indeed?


Inspiration for this work of fiction came from real stories and shocking details of the CIA’s MKUltra program that subjected citizens to mind control experiments without their knowledge or informed consent. Rachel’s quest to discover what drove her husband to such a desperate act eventually leads to government cover-ups that lasted for decades, and continue to resonate in today's headlines.


The Unveiling

ISBN-978-0-595-50597-5 (pbk)

ISBN-978-0-595-61575-9  (ebk)

For thirty years Ettie Burin led friends to believe she was a widow. The truth comes out when her husband Morton dies in 1995 and her elder daughter plans a public funeral.


During the mourning period, personal revelations force Ettie and her children to come to terms with the past and break the silence surrounding Morton's mental illness.  Ettie shares her memories of the struggles she endured to escape physical oppression in Czarist Russia and later from the stigma of her husband's mental illness. Her children reveal how their father's illness affected theirrelationships with the outside world.


Surprising events and courageous actions during the following year enable the family to experience the liberation of unveiling the truth.

Launch of The Unveiling

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